Visit a Dentist in Greenville, SC for Children’s Dental Emergencies

Date Posted: February 19, 2015 | Category: Industry News

Children are only starting to explore the world and so love to run around and play. While this is definitely not a bad thing, they are exposed to greater risks when it comes to their teeth. Dental emergencies occur every day, and it’s best to be prepared in case one happens. The contact number of a dentist in Greenville, SC must be ready for these situations so that the problem can be remedied right away.

The common dental emergencies that children experience include toothache, broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, fractured jaws, objects stuck in between teeth; and lip, cheek, and tongue injuries. There are certain actions that must be immediately taken after any of these happens and before taking the child to a dentist.

For a toothache, the area must be cleaned with warm water, then a cold compress must be applied. Next, for a tooth that has been knocked out, it’s important to try to find the tooth, rinse it, and gently hold it in its socket while heading to the dentist. It is possible to re-implant the tooth depending on the damage.

Fractured jaws are a more serious case, and the child must be told to not move the jaw and proceed to an emergency room immediately. Next, objects stuck in between teeth must be removed gently and if it is difficult to remove, leave it for the dentist to take care of. Lip, cheek, and tongue injuries may cause bleeding; pressure must be applied to the wound and the area should be gently cleaned with a clean cloth and cold compress.

The two periods in a child’s life where there is a good chance of a dental emergency is during toddlerhood, when they are only starting to get a feel of the world, and adolescence, where contact sports are played a lot of times. In general, however, dental emergencies can happen at any point in one’s life.

All the common dental emergencies eventually would need the services of an emergency dentist in Greenville, SC in order to avert the possibility of further damage. Practices such as Mirror Lake Family Dentistry are always ready for any dental emergency as well as for any other dental needs one may need.

(Source: Be prepared for children’s dental emergencies, Tallahassee Democrat, February 4, 2015)

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