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White teeth has long been considered an appealing and attractive feature in American culture; itís no wonder, then, that many American celebrities have bright smiles. White teeth has also been associated with good dental health, and anyone can appreciate a complete set of clean and immaculate teeth with nary a cavity or stain in sight. It takes more than brushing and/or flossing to get white teeth, so patients will need to undergo a specialized teeth whitening procedure. There are various ways to restore teeth back into a lighter shade of white, although it is best to leave the job to experts.

An article on the RDH website published last January 22, 2015 describes how the Supreme Court is evaluating tooth whitening procedures in general, and determining who has the right to offer such whitening services. Typically, dentists are the ones handling the whitening procedure, but some over-the-counter products that offer teeth whitening have recently found their way into the market. The article helpfully points out that commercialized whitening products still need to be administered by trained dentists, or at least supervised, in order to prevent any mistakes or complications.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, it would be best to have a dentist in Greenville, SC handle the procedure. A dentist has all the skills and equipment needed to perform the whitening process properly and safely. Additionally, dentists can help patients keep their teeth whiter for longer, and could even dispense helpful suggestions on how to prevent tooth staining.

Teeth whitening, as directed by a trained dentist, can be done in two ways: in-office or at-home. In an in-office procedure, the performing dentist applies a gel over the teeth to be whitened, then subjects the teeth to an ultraviolet light to cure the gel. An at-home procedure involves daily applications of a whitening solution over the teeth while it sits inside molds. Both procedures require several treatments until they can produce a noticeable whitening effect, but they will last for as long as the patient maintains good dental hygiene. Only select practices that offer cosmetic dentistry in Greenville, SC, such as Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, can offer both methods while properly supervising the patient for maximum whitening results.

(Source: White teeth, the professional way,, Jan. 22, 2015)

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