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For something enjoyed the world over, sugar can be a notorious ingredient, especially if consumed in very large quantities. Experts believe that excess amounts of sugar in most foods today are responsible for the obesity problem in America. Too much sugar not only leads to obesity, but can also have an adverse effect on oneís dental health.

The issue on excessive sugar is so dire that the World Health Organization had recently made a statement on it, calling for countries to reduce sugar portions in processed food and beverages. An article posted by the Dentistry IQ website last March 5, 2015, discusses the call to action in detail. The organization recommends reducing the daily intake of sugar to at least 10% of the average personís total energy intake. Additionally, the article does not fail to mention the potential of sugar in aggravating tooth decay.

It can be difficult to prevent tooth decay, especially if you maintain a sugar-laden diet. While brushing and flossing can help clean your teeth of decay-causing plaque, they are not enough to prevent dental cavities from forming. To ensure that your teeth remain truly cavity-free and healthy, it would be best to see your local dentist in Greenville, SC. A dentist will have the tools and skills necessary to perform deep cleaning as necessary, as well as treat teeth that have already been compromised by decay.

Plaque can be a very stubborn substance to remove from your teeth; brushing and flossing can clear the sticky biofilm out, but it does not take long for more to form. It destroys teeth by feeding on residual sugars in the mouth, wherein plaque releases a tooth-destroying acid as a byproduct of its sugar consumption. Fortunately, dentists in Greenville, SC, such as those from Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, are capable of performing prophylactic cleanings that can clear out even the spots that floss and brushes cannot reach. Those patients already suffering from cavities can still visit their dentists in order to have the cavities properly treated and restored. If not treated in time, tooth decay can lead to serious and agonizing periodontal diseases, and even permanent tooth loss.

(Source: WHO calls on countries to reduce sugars intake among adults and children,, Mar. 5, 2015)

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