Skilled Dentists in Greenville, SC Make Kids´ Tooth Extractions Easy

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Experienced dentists in Greenville, SC, like Dr. Bill Swinderman of Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, can do a lot for you and your children. These services include dental checkups, advice on protecting teeth, and other essential treatments. Tooth extractions are an especially important service that they can provide.

Reasons for Extractions

The main reason you'll want to have an extraction is because of damage to the tooth. Tooth decay can create cavities that make a smile unsightly and cause a lot of pain. The removal will give your dentist a chance to replace the tooth with an implant or denture, as well as relieving the pain caused by decay.

There are other reasons for getting a tooth extracted. Among these is having a crowded mouth; sometimes, teeth are too big for your mouth as they develop, resulting in crooked teeth that can be resolved by extracting a tooth to give the new one space to grow. Another reason is gum disease, which loosens the tooth and thus making it easier to have it pulled instead of waiting for it to fall out.

Children Need a Special Touch

Getting teeth pulled may be tolerable for adults, but it can be quite daunting for younger people. This is why the expertise of a Greenville, SC pediatric dentist is often needed. Children faced with the prospect of getting their teeth extracted often end up crying and letting loose tantrums. This is why it's best to have a specialist handle the situation, as a pediatric dentist would know how to calm down children and explain things to them so that the extraction process would be easier for everyone involved. For example, a pediatric dentist would avoid showing children some of the more painful looking instruments like syringes and forceps before they are sedated.

The Process

Depending on how much pain the child will be in and how panicked they can get, pediatric dentists have a wide range of anesthetic products to use. Local anesthetic is the most often used; however, for more difficult children, full sedation can also be administered.

The extraction itself is simple enough; forceps are used to grip the tooth tightly to pull it out. Cotton gauze is then placed to stop the bleeding until the blood clots.

With a good pediatric dentist, you won't have to worry about your child´s behavior in the dental chair when it comes to getting bad teeth removed. You can trust in these professionals to get the job done properly.


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