Reasons to Have Dentures from a Professional Greenville, SC Dentist

Date Posted: February 23, 2015 | Category: Info article

Ignored oral decay and poor dental hygiene can deteriorate your teeth, a common case among American elders that often lead to dental prosthesis. This is often traced back to senility, which diminishes regular bodily functions of older people, including basic daily routines like brushing and flossing. The remaining natural teeth are also more likely to fall soon if dentures are not applied, though, and so must be addressed immediately, too.

If two or more teeth had already been lost, it is about time to have it treated with implants or dentures to prevent the remaining teeth from falling as well. Fortunately, you can help your elders seek a reliable Greenville, SC dentist to have their teeth fixed with dentures before itís too late.

Also known as false teeth, dentures are dental prosthetic instruments used to replace missing teeth in order to carry out normal dental functions. Having dental prosthetics help elders eat, speak, and even smile properly thus, giving them confidence to interact with other people. Well-made dentures should be able to fit well with the gums and jawbone to improve the bite and support other natural teeth.

It helps to inquire from experienced dental clinics like Mirror Lake Family Dentistry for affordable dentures in Greenville, SC. Most dentures are quite costly because of the time it takes to make them, which is about six to 12 weeks, then fit them properly in the mouth. An impression of the upper and lower arches of the mouth is usually taken on the first visit, then denture adjustments with the succeeding visits, until it works perfectly with the mouth.

Complete dentures are needed if most of your teeth in the upper and lower parts of the mouth had been lost. This condition of teeth loss often entails immediate denture applications so that your body may still receive proper nutrition with solid food. Meanwhile, partial dentures are needed to fill gaps of fallen teeth which may be acrylic or metal-based. Dentures also have to be adjusted regularly during the visit to prevent further complications.

False teeth should be able to last for several years with proper dental care. The wearer simply has to make sure to regularly brush and soak repeatedly until dirt or stains are fully removed.

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