Greenville, SC Pediatric Dentists Guide Kids to Proper Dental Care

Date Posted: February 24, 2015 | Category: Info article

Lying in a dental chair while a stranger uses pointed metallic objects inside the mouth understandably is a scary scenario to a child. Being in unfamiliar surroundings in a dental clinic may also cause discomfort that eventually develops into fear of ever having another dental check-up. It helps to ease this fear so that the child may practice regular dental visits at a young age.

To ease the fear, you must inquire with a dental office staffed with pediatric dentists in Greenville, SC, such as Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, to ensure that the child will be properly be taken care of during the check-up. Pediatric dentists are trained with proper child care in dentistry, which involves teaching the children of basic oral care in a way they would understand. It is best to have the first visit when a child turns one or when they get their first tooth not only so that a proper dental care habit may be formed early, but also so that trust and confidence between the child and the dentist may be built over time.

Pediatric dentistry offers treatments or procedures dedicated to a child’s oral health care. With additional years of training on top of general dentistry, a pediatric dentist in Greenville, SC has sufficient knowledge in caring for a child’s mouth, teeth and gums until adolescence or at times, even before adulthood. Oral habit examination (thumb-sucking or pacifier use), dental exams, and early orthodontics are a few of the issues that they would know how to appropriately deal with.

During a child’s first visit, it is normal for children to feel scared and cry inside the unfamiliar clinic, so it would comfort the child if the parents would stay by their side throughout the examination. The dentist and his assistant would check the child’s face and neck for any swelling including jaws, tongues, teeth and bite, and then inform the parents if there’s a need to conduct dental X-rays or apply mild sealants.

Pediatric oral exams look at all aspects of the child’s health, not just oral health, so that dentists would be able to determine any oral-related problems which may require immediate attention. These dental exams are encouraged to be done twice a year to prevent any oral disease common in children like dental caries.

To prevent oral tantrums during visits, some parents conduct mock or pretend check-ups to prepare the child for possible situations inside the clinic. Refrain from telling children anything that would scare them like the words “shot”, “hurt”, or “painful”. Dental visits should be a healthy experience, not a scary one.

(Source: What is a Pediatric Dentist?

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