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Dentures aren´t exactly top priority for many people. People assume that they won´t be needing these, but according to a study published in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, over 37.9 million U.S. adults will be needing dentures by 2020. Thankfully, getting a denture is as easy as dropping by the clinic of a skilled Greenville, SC dentist.

The Benefits

The main reason you´ll want to get dentures is to replace missing teeth. If you´ve got a tooth or two missing, you may think that minor discomfort is something you can live with. However, even one missing tooth can affect how you talk and eat. For example, if you´re missing a molar, chewing food properly can become difficult. Another thing that happens when your teeth go missing is that your face sags without their support; getting dentures restores the structure of your face, making you look younger.

The Process

Practices like Mirror Lake Family Dentistry can provide affordable dentures for Greenville, SC residents. The process of getting dentures is pretty simple. Complete dentures are made by taking an impression of the upper and lower arches of the mouth. These are then sent to a dental laboratory to create the dentures you will be using. To ensure that your dentures look as natural as possible, the dentist will try to match the color of your gums and replacement teeth with your natural ones.

Once the dentures are created, the dentist will then have you wear the appliance to know if it fits correctly and to see how natural it looks. Your speech and the functionality of the substitutes are also tested. Final adjustments are then done to ensure you have an ideal set of dentures.


When you finally get your dentures, you´ll have to ensure that they remain in good condition. The first thing to keep in mind is to regularly rinse and softly brush the dentures after use and before sleeping. This ensures that no stray food remains behind and that your dentures remain clean. You must also remember to store the dentures in a cup of water to ensure that they don´t warp. If your dentures get stained or discolored, consult dental professionals for proper cleaning.

Dentures ensure that you have a complete set of teeth whenever you smile. Visit a local dentist to find out if this solution will fit your needs.


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