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Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars growing in the back of your mouth, are so named because they typically appear at some point between the ages of 17 and 25, the so-called "age of wisdom." Whether or not you do get wiser, the appearance of wisdom teeth often brings discomfort in your mouth, and that´s something that a Greenville, SC dentist needs to look at.

In a nutshell, people develop wisdom teeth because prehistoric humans used them to chew coarse foods like raw meat and plants. Humans have evolved since then, to the point that wisdom teeth don´t really have any function today. Most people ignore them as they grow, but others choose to have them removed. A study reports that an estimated 10 million wisdom teeth are removed from 5 million people every year.

Why Remove Them?

As said, most people have wisdom teeth removed since they cause pain, though some choose to let them grow. The problem is that even if you don´t feel anything, your wisdom teeth might still become the cause of more complicated oral problems. For instance, these teeth could get stuck (or impacted) once they begin to appear because there is little room for them in your jaw. Not only can they cause damage to nearby teeth, but they can also affect your jaw movements.

Other oral problems related to the appearance of wisdom teeth are infections, lesions, cysts and tumors. In fact, an estimated 25 percent of people with asymptomatic wisdom teeth develop gum disease, which can then turn life-threatening once you choose to ignore it. If you do decide to keep your wisdom teeth, it´s essential to have them monitored by your dentist and practice proper care.

When to Remove Them?

The ideal age to extract wisdom teeth is usually during one´s teenage years, when the wisdom teeth´s roots aren´t fully formed. As the years pass and people age, it becomes more difficult to remove them since the roots begin to implant themselves on the jaw.

Moreover, you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed once you begin to feel pain and swelling on your gums or around the back of your mouth where wisdom teeth usually appear. Whatever the case, you should only entrust the job of removing your wisdom teeth to a trusted oral surgeon in Greenville, SC, like one from Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, before any complications develop.


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